Here is some paranoid racist Obama hate mail/fan fiction from the patriots at Free Republic.

President Obama is going to shut down EBT cards on October 15, causing riots and motivating democrats to riot on down to the polls in record numbers, according to Freepers. The post is entitled:

How The 2014 Obama Coup Will Unfold

Not only that, the Obama Administration is so devious, they have conspired to make sure the inciting event is the threatened GOP shutdown of the government on October 1st. Because despite the fact that he is incompetent, disengaged and pretty much lives on the links these days, POTUS has found time to conceive and execute a plan to trick the GOP into making total asses of themselves. Again.

And then the food stamp recipients will riot. On their way to work or something. But they will be mostly children and old people, so don’t worry. It won’t be that scary.




Updating to add that this is the first comment: “God is judging America—His instrument to punish all of us is Obama.”

See how that works? When God gets mad at liberals for ruining America, he punishes Republicans. That would be heartbreaking if it wasn’t hilarious.

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