Violence as Entertainment

We have a sick fascination with violence in American culture. It’s the elephant in the room. This is what we find entertaining. This is our spectacle. The public lynchings of old–the public torture and murder of our fellow citizens was immortalized on postcards. It was entertaining.

Now we have video loops, and they play endlessly on the Internet and the news channels. So many feature violence done upon black bodies. Over and over Janay Rice hits the floor of that elevator, over and over again Eric Garner flails on the pavement, under a pile of five or six officers who were apparently dispatched to protect New York from unpaid cigarette taxes.

Over and over again, black (and other) bodies are murdered by police; women are killed by men. It is shameful enough that it is still happening, but even more shameful that we are still turning it into “entertainment.”

Have far have we really come?

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