No, Chris Kyle wasn’t murdering people to defend Michael Moore’s freedom of speech

There are some familiar notes being sung by the defenders of the movie “American Sniper.”

If you criticize the movie, the standard snarl you get back is: “Chris Kyle was protecting your/Michael Moore’s/Seth Rogen’s freedom of speech.”

This is, of course, an enormous crock of the same BS we’ve heard since 2003.  Saddam Hussein in no way threatened any American’s freedom of speech, and in fact, the true threat to freedom of speech in this country came from the proponents of the war. It wasn’t that long ago. Many of us who objected to the rush to war remember quite well, especially those who were arrested for protesting. Suddenly no criticism of Bush or his policies could be tolerated, and people were destroyed for speaking out. Just ask the Dixie Chicks.

Chris Kyle was not fighting for your freedom of speech, he was fighting to protect the Bush Administration’s power to suppress your freedom of speech. Whether he knew it or not. Now that we know there were no WMDs, and that the entire war was based on lies, to make a movie that makes a hero of the murderer of people who never threatened us, who were only defending their own country and families, is utterly despicable.

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