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#RFRA is wrong. Take your cupcakes and go home.

Way to go, Indiana. Full speed ahead, backwards. I’m going to make this brief. It doesn’t need to be long. If you run a business, your business is licensed through the government, which represents all people. You open your doors … Continue reading

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Did your ice cream kill you? Ben, Jerry, and Obama’s fault!

Kids, beware. You don’t know who is all up in your butter pecan. In a thread at Free Republic about the recent incident, by post #2 there was a suggestion that the outbreak of listeriosis that killed 5 people in Kansas … Continue reading

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The SAE chant – it’s racist and more

Make no mistake, the SAE chant is how the fraternity conveyed their discriminatory policy to new members because it was too vile to go in their “official” policy documents. Take the N-word out, and that’s what you have: a discriminatory policy, passed from … Continue reading

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