The SAE chant – it’s racist and more

Make no mistake, the SAE chant is how the fraternity conveyed their discriminatory policy to new members because it was too vile to go in their “official” policy documents. Take the N-word out, and that’s what you have: a discriminatory policy, passed from one cohort to the next like a secret handshake. It’s truly no less offensive without the N-word.

These privileged young men grow up to become judges and prosecutors and congressmen, and they always have their “secret” chant that perpetuates the privilege and helps them identify kindred racist spirits.

Wonder who else they are singing about.

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1 Response to The SAE chant – it’s racist and more

  1. nenamatahari says:

    The social greek system is a scourge of America’s colleges and society. I use lower case g because a friend from Athens says that they don’t deserve to be acknowledged with respect and I agree with him.

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