Enough bashing of the poors, already!

An important article from The Nation.

It begins with a quote from “The Undeserving Poor” by Michael Katz which I read when I took a course on poverty at UCSB in the early 1990s. That course, and my own experiences, are the reason I fight income inequality. When I hear people with privilege lecture the poor on how their struggles are due to their own moral failings, it makes my blood boil. But this is behind the drug testing, and the “no fun for you” policies that are being pushed right now in this country (see Indiana and Kansas, among others). And the repugnant and cruel attitude behind them is very old. I believe it reveals a moral failing among us, collectively, that we still cling to the narrative of “undeserving,” as a way to justify not helping the poor.

The rich use drugs just as much as the poor, actually more, because drugs are expensive. They sleep around, too. And many of them also wear stupid clothes that show terrible fashion judgement. Some examples who come to mind are Bill Cosby (pull your pants up, and oh, wait a minute while I drug and rape some aspiring actress) and Rush (send the maid to Denny’s for some Oxy) Limbaugh. I could go on and on. Add the examples you think of. #undeservingrich

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1 Response to Enough bashing of the poors, already!

  1. nenamatahari says:

    I hate people who shame the poor. I hope they wind up losing everything and see how they like it. =(

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