Rex Tillerson cuts Korean trip short due to fatigue. Serious illness or lack of stamina?

Dr. Jen Gunter

Rex_Tillerson_official_Transition_portraitSecretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is 64 years old, had to cut his diplomatic mission short in Korea due to fatigue. As as doctor I find this concerning. This is his first trip and it is already too exhausting? Is he acutely ill? Does he have a health condition that precludes him from travel? Perhaps he is just too out of shape and has insufficient stamina for the job?

My father, an electrical engineer, worked as manager of the systems operating department for a major hydro electric company until he was 67. He never once complained of fatigue. He never once missed a day of work due to illness. Not one. He got an award for it at his retirement. Myboyfriend is 60 and he has more energy than almost anyone I know. I seriously doubt he has ever missed a day or work because of illness. I…

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