Dear Senator: If You Supported Hillary in the Primaries I’m Voting Against You in November

Armory of the Revolution

US Senator Al Franken, Democrat from Minnesota, speaks about net neutrality for the Internet during a discussion hosted by the Free Press Action Fund on Capitol Hill in Washington on July 8, 2014.    AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

This applies equally to governors, Members of Congress, state legislators, and any other supporter of the Democratic establishment.

I’ve had it. And so have hundreds of thousands of grass roots Democrats. Perhaps millions of us.

The Democratic party has become a mirror image of the Republicans on economic policy. On trade agreements. On military adventurism and intervention in the affairs of other countries. They have the same revolving door for industry alums and lobbyists to be appointed to their administrations. They both suck at the teat of Wall Street, they both take money from Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, the military-industrial complex, insurance companies, Big Banks, and lobbyists.

They both support killing civilians in drone strikes, both support pouring billions into the Israeli treasury and back Israel’s mass murders of Palestinians.

We are supposed to overlook these atrocities because the Democrats say nice things about Hispanics and Muslims? Because…

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I Used to Be In Love With Hillary Clinton

I used to be in love with Hillary Clinton. Well not “in love”, but oh how I used to love her. I used to talk trash about how amazing she was when I spoke to Republicans. I used to say &…

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When Bernie Promised to #SayHerName #SandraBland

“That’s Bernie Sanders,” my sister said, indicating an unpretentious man with a full head of white hair that had slipped past me and tucked himself into a table in the shadowy corner of East Street Cafe, a Thai restaurant in Washington DC’s Union Station.

“Really? Are you sure?” I asked her doubtfully, as I took another bite of my basil chicken across the table from Ms. Geneva Reed-Veal. For better or for worse, he was not a man who had quite the signature look that more polished politicians cultivate; which is probably part of his charm.

IMG_0746 (2)I honestly was not sure if it really was him, but my sister has been working around DC politicians for almost 20 years, so I took her word for it. “Someone should go talk to him. You know he has been saying Sandra Bland’s name for months. Someone should tell him you guys are…

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Enough bashing of the poors, already!

An important article from The Nation.

It begins with a quote from “The Undeserving Poor” by Michael Katz which I read when I took a course on poverty at UCSB in the early 1990s. That course, and my own experiences, are the reason I fight income inequality. When I hear people with privilege lecture the poor on how their struggles are due to their own moral failings, it makes my blood boil. But this is behind the drug testing, and the “no fun for you” policies that are being pushed right now in this country (see Indiana and Kansas, among others). And the repugnant and cruel attitude behind them is very old. I believe it reveals a moral failing among us, collectively, that we still cling to the narrative of “undeserving,” as a way to justify not helping the poor.

The rich use drugs just as much as the poor, actually more, because drugs are expensive. They sleep around, too. And many of them also wear stupid clothes that show terrible fashion judgement. Some examples who come to mind are Bill Cosby (pull your pants up, and oh, wait a minute while I drug and rape some aspiring actress) and Rush (send the maid to Denny’s for some Oxy) Limbaugh. I could go on and on. Add the examples you think of. #undeservingrich

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#RFRA is wrong. Take your cupcakes and go home.

Way to go, Indiana. Full speed ahead, backwards.

I’m going to make this brief. It doesn’t need to be long.

If you run a business, your business is licensed through the government, which represents all people. You open your doors onto sidewalks, your customers access your parking lot from public roads and streets. You enjoy the protection of the police and the fire departments in the communities in which you do business.

These things are paid for by taxpayers.

LGBT people are taxpayers.

Sell your cupcakes to everyone, or take them home.

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Did your ice cream kill you? Ben, Jerry, and Obama’s fault!

Kids, beware. You don’t know who is all up in your butter pecan. In a thread at Free Republic about the recent incident, by post #2 there was a suggestion that the outbreak of listeriosis that killed 5 people in Kansas might be union sabotage or the result of filthy immigrants.

I’m sure it wasn’t lack of regulation. I mean, they’re sure.

But it only took until post #6 before one of the Freepers connected the dots. It was Obama sabotaging your ice cream, to destroy the Texas economy (first ebola, now this!) and to secure the ice cream market for Ben and Jerry’s, tyrannical purveyors of liberal deliciousness. Damn you Ben and Jerry!

Read it for yourself.

This is either a brilliant troll, or a very sad, frightened person.

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The SAE chant – it’s racist and more

Make no mistake, the SAE chant is how the fraternity conveyed their discriminatory policy to new members because it was too vile to go in their “official” policy documents. Take the N-word out, and that’s what you have: a discriminatory policy, passed from one cohort to the next like a secret handshake. It’s truly no less offensive without the N-word.

These privileged young men grow up to become judges and prosecutors and congressmen, and they always have their “secret” chant that perpetuates the privilege and helps them identify kindred racist spirits.

Wonder who else they are singing about.

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