Red State Stupid; Red State Mean.

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I want to talk a little bit more about what I call, in our blissfully post-PC era, Red State Stupid.

Red State Stupid is also really Red State Mean.  It’s shoot-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face mean.

And I don’t think that we can separate the two

My friend J. says that you can identify, with 100% accuracy, Democrats vs. Republicans with one simple test.  Democrats, he says, don’t care if some “undeserving” folks cash in on, for example, a free lunch program, as long as not one child goes out to recess hungry.  While Republicans, according to J., don’t really care how many children starve as long as not one, single “undeserving” child gets a free meal.

I think J. is right.  It’s pretty clear where I come down.

And I’ve been coming back to his test over and over as I ponder this article that I cited earlier about a woman whose husband…

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1 Response to Red State Stupid; Red State Mean.

  1. nenamatahari says:

    One of my good friends lives in a stupid Red state. A group of Trump asses jumped him and nearly killed him. He spent weeks in the ICU and has been enduring reconstructive surgery. Of course Indiana doesn’t give a shit about anyone if they’re not cisgendered WASP able bodied hetero men, so they’re not trying too hard to find the attempted murderers.

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