How Black folks lose White “friends” over social media bigotry

Hobbservation Point

The following essay does not apply to my real life white friends because if I call you a “friend,” I have vetted you over time by observing how you act towards me, specifically, and humanity in general. Meaning, I could never call a racist, sexist or religious bigot a “friend” because my common sense would not allow it.

Now, I do “know” quite a few folks that I am convinced through observation are latent or overt racists, sexists and religious bigots.  I even have worked as co-counsel, opposing counsel or appeared before judges who think that they are my friends, but they never could be my true friend because I know that deep down inside, they have overt contempt for my race and despite laughing it up with me in the halls of “justice” or pounding a few brews after a case at a bar, they have latent contempt…

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On Fearless Girl, women & public art; or, no, seriously, the guy does not have a point. 

Caroline Criado-Perez


You have probably seen this blog on Fearless Girl vs Charging Bull which has been floating around social media the past couple of days. Yesterday I had a minor tweet rant in response, and apparently I am not done. So here is a blog of My Thoughts™ on the matter.

First, the fact that Greg Fallis’s blog lays out extra context, for example the SHE inscription, is good (notwithstanding his grating Reasonable Objective Man explaining to you silly people who don’t like history tone). Context and facts are always to be welcomed.

That aside, his take is garbage. Here’s why.

I spent a weekend last year counting all the statues in the UK’s Public Monuments and Statue’s database (ikr). I wrote about it in full here, but here’s a brief summary:

  • Out of 925 statues, only 158 were of women standing alone (the figure for men was 508). If you count group shots, the number of female…

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On Being Poor

Athletic Monkey

I’m eight years old and they pass out a flyer at school for a local soccer team. I’ve always wanted to be on a team and soccer seems fun. On my way out of the classroom, I throw the flyer away. I know there’s no point in asking to join. We can’t afford it.

I’m nine years old. A boy in my class throws a rock and it hits me in the face, breaking my glasses. I cry, both because it hurts and because I know my parents will be angry. Glasses are expensive and I dread having to tell my mom that I need a new pair.

I’m 10 years old and all I want in the world is to have a friend and to not feel like the social outcast that I am. The cool girls have Guess jeans, Esprit bags, and wear Keds. I have a homemade…

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Rex Tillerson cuts Korean trip short due to fatigue. Serious illness or lack of stamina?

Dr. Jen Gunter

Rex_Tillerson_official_Transition_portraitSecretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is 64 years old, had to cut his diplomatic mission short in Korea due to fatigue. As as doctor I find this concerning. This is his first trip and it is already too exhausting? Is he acutely ill? Does he have a health condition that precludes him from travel? Perhaps he is just too out of shape and has insufficient stamina for the job?

My father, an electrical engineer, worked as manager of the systems operating department for a major hydro electric company until he was 67. He never once complained of fatigue. He never once missed a day of work due to illness. Not one. He got an award for it at his retirement. Myboyfriend is 60 and he has more energy than almost anyone I know. I seriously doubt he has ever missed a day or work because of illness. I…

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“Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play. “

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

Pullman Philip 2

Wise words from Philip Pullman, who received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2005:

Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play. If you don’t give a child food, the damage quickly becomes visible. If you don’t let a child have fresh air and play, the damage is also visible, but not so quickly. If you don’t give a child love, the damage might not be seen for some years, but it’s permanent.

But if you don’t give a child art and stories and poems and music, the damage is not so easy to see. It’s there, though. Their bodies are healthy enough; they can run and jump and swim and eat hungrily and make lots of noise, as children have always done, but something is missing.

It’s true that some people grow up never encountering…

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Observing (a) Leo Tolstoy’s Karenin Watching Anna Watching Vronsky and (b) Anna Watching Karenin Thinking of Her

Non-fiction By Bob Blaisdell In Anna Karenina, when Karenin watches his wife Anna watching Captain Vronsky at the horse race, it’s one of the greatest of observations of observation in literature: …

Source: Observing (a) Leo Tolstoy’s Karenin Watching Anna Watching Vronsky and (b) Anna Watching Karenin Thinking of Her

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Red State Stupid; Red State Mean.

Read this.



I want to talk a little bit more about what I call, in our blissfully post-PC era, Red State Stupid.

Red State Stupid is also really Red State Mean.  It’s shoot-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face mean.

And I don’t think that we can separate the two

My friend J. says that you can identify, with 100% accuracy, Democrats vs. Republicans with one simple test.  Democrats, he says, don’t care if some “undeserving” folks cash in on, for example, a free lunch program, as long as not one child goes out to recess hungry.  While Republicans, according to J., don’t really care how many children starve as long as not one, single “undeserving” child gets a free meal.

I think J. is right.  It’s pretty clear where I come down.

And I’ve been coming back to his test over and over as I ponder this article that I cited earlier about a woman whose husband…

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